‘‘You Can Count On Me’’

“A friend is one who walks in when others walk out.” (Walter Winchell)

Life is better with Friends. The word Friendship is not a word but it’s a bond shared between individuals, it’s an experience that helps you to face many obstacles in life and teaches us about the ups and downs. After coming into this world the first bond that we share is with our family. But every relation has a place and it’s own importance and one relationship cannot replace another.

There are times when you don’t express your feelings in front of your family. You cannot tell them what is bothering you? So he is the only friend with whom you can lighten your heart with. Because sometimes you are afraid that your expression will cause trouble to your family and you will not increase their worries because you suppress these things or emotions in your heart. And that is why so many children in our society suffer from stress and anxiety. If you have a blessing like a good friend, then you should be thankful and appreciate it.

Relationships like friendship are very important in life and luck are the people who have such a blessing because this relationship teaches you many lessons that no one else can teach us. The source of friendship is to love people besides your family and we learn to take care of them. You want to be yourself in front of your friends and show your personality. Your friends take care of your trust and show you the right path and stop you from doing evil deeds and friendship teaches you about loyalty and how to be faithful. There is no greater blessing in the world than a faithful friend.

Friendship teaches us how to forgive. For example, when friends fight with each other, after a while of anger, they forget their anger and hug again and smile. And that’s what teaches us to forgive and strengthens us. And there is no doubt that friends stand by us in our difficult times and encourage us. They always save us from every trouble and stand by us and give us timely advice.

True friends are precious treasures in life. They are with you in every sorrow and joy and support you like rock. True friendship means a relationship that is free from any formalities and makes your life more beautiful and entertaining And it makes you feel special.

True friendship teaches us how to be strong in life. If you have a loving family then a true friend makes your life more beautiful and many people in the world do not have families and love people but only true friends. There are those who teach them to be strong and go through different stages of life and become an important part of their lives. A friend will always be with you and will not let you feel lonely or alone. Whenever you feel low, he stands with you in your right arm.

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